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GelStat is a great product! It gets every headache, even my migraines, within 20 minutes. And unlike the other migraine products I was buying over the counter, I don’t have to worry about taking it with food because it doesn’t upset my sensitive stomach. Even better, it’s all natural! I’m so happy I no longer have to take something with caffeine in it, or other ingredients that may not be good for my body. I will be a GelStat customer for life!

Brenda from Florida uses GelStat Migraine® for all her headaches and migraines.

Hello, I had a migraine at work today and was out of Imitrex so I used Gelstat which was in my cupboard and it worked! Thank you!

-Deb N.

Deb of Holland, MI used GelStat Migraine® in place of an Imitrex prescription and found total relief.

Just wanted to let you know that I have suffered with migraine with aura (aura being the worst part of the episode) for 40 yrs. Gel-Stat is the only product that has ever worked. My auras used to last up to 6 hrs. then headache using your product all is gone in about 2 hrs. skipping some of the most disturbing auras like speach problems and numbness on one side of my body. What a relief! Thank-you please continue to make this product. I panicked when I could not find it at stores anymore. I’ll just get it on line. Thanks again!

-Denise W.

Denise is a long-time migraine sufferer and has found GelStat Migraine® to be the only product which works for her.

Good Afternoon Mark, Just wanted to “Thank you” for the Gel Stat, worked GREAT!!!!, migraine was gone within a half hour.
Thank you sooooooooooo much!!
Have a great evening!


Molly loves how quickly GelStat Migraine works.

Hi…Gelstat Migraine is the only thing that works for my wife. And trust me, after all of the medication, Imetrix Injectable, Maxault MLT 500 mg, and many other traditional prescription drugs that all produced side effects that were worse than the Migraine.

Gelstat Migraine is a lifesaver for my wife. It works!


Michael’s wife has tried almost everything and views GelStat Migraine® as a lifesaver.

A few years ago I experienced the “aura”, which scared me because I went completely blind for several minutes. My co-worker took me to my primary doctor and he told me I had a Classical Migraine. He gave me 1000 milligrams of Ibuprofen for the headache I was experiencing, and told me I could get over the counter medication. A few months later I was in an ear nose and throat doctor s’ office with my daughter waiting for her to finish her appointment. I was reading information on migraines, and the article spoke about feverfew, a word I had never heard before.
I do not get migraines often, but when I do they are unbearable. At work , I started to experience the ‘aura’ and knew a migraine was coming. There is a Walgreens pharmacy across the street from where I work so I grabbed my purse and proceeded to the store. I asked the pharmacist to point me in the direction of the migraine medicine. I looked at the boxes of each one and everyone had the same ingredient, 200 milligrams of ibuprofen. I knew that would never work. Then I saw the big red box of GelStat Migraine, I looked at the ingredients on that box and there was the same word I read in the doctors’ office… Feverfew. Right then and there I opened the box and put one tube under my tongue, it was helpful but not enough. I took another after the allotted time and it was amazing, the aura was gone, the headache was gone, I felt great!
I know it sounds like a commercial, but I try to keep the big red box stocked on my shelf for my daughter, sister and I who have migraines or severe headaches. I recommend this wonderful product to all my family and friends. I found out the other day that my Walgreens does not keep GelStat in stock any more, and neither does our HyVee, however they did order it for me and told me I ordered the last 3 boxes. I panicked and searched the internet for the main office, I am glad at least I can order direct. Thank you GelStat, please never stop producing this product.

-P. J.

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