Sublingual Delivery

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Sublingual Delivery for Fast Migraine Treatment

For ease of administration and to assist in rapid delivery of the natural migraine treatment in GelStat Migraine, the product is taken in a liquid where the contents are held under the tongue and swallowed. This combined delivery provides the potential advantage of the fast delivery of the active natural migraine treatment through the rich blood supply of the mouth into the blood stream circumventing the need to travel through the entire digestive tract.

The benefit of sublingual absorption goes beyond just fast delivery of the actives; the natural migraine treatment also avoids destruction by stomach acid resulting in greater absorption of the active ingredients. (Insert absorption bar graph here)

In clinical trials, the onset of symptom relief was recorded as rapid with the natural Migraine treatment (GelStat Migraine). In testimonials, individuals have reported relief in a matter of minutes. Thousands of unit dosages of GelStat Migraine (natural migraine treatment) have been used with customer satisfaction, no significant side effects and high re-order rate.

How it Works

GelStat Migraine® uses an innovative sublingual delivery system for rapid absorption of the proven all-natural ingredients for rapid relief of migraine pain.

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GelStat® Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee.
If you’re not satisfied for any reason we’ll refund your full purchase price, no questions asked.

Clinical Studies

Let the results speak for themselves, GelStat Migraine® is clinically proven to relieve migraines.

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